Hope | What does hope look like? | Lesser Known Writer

Hope | What does hope look like? | Lesser Known Writer

Sometimes life hits you hard. You try to achieve something, and you don’t get it. You’ve been fighting for a long time, and it seems that more failure than success accumulates in your path. In circumstances like these, it’s not hard to lose hope.

Here are examples:

  • Stephen King struggled when he started writing. Reports claim that he lived in a trailer with his wife, who was also a writer. Poverty dealt with him so hard that they had to borrow their wedding clothes, and they couldn’t afford to use a telephone. They both worked on various projects, but their works were rejected before they eventually achieved success.
  • A similar story is that of Oprah Winfrey, who passed through challenges in her childhood. She was first criticized for her weight, then dealt with racism, but she never lost hope. Later, Oprah became a victim of sexual abuse and got molested by some of her family members. She got pregnant at 14 but lost the child. Oprah finished high school as an honours student and earned a full scholarship to college. She thereafter became an international superstar.

At other times, however, people have a pessimistic attitude to life in a general way. Maybe in your childhood, you learned not to wait too long for life. But if you expect little from life, you’ll most surely get little. If this has been your character so far, it’s time to change.

Hope comes when you want and believe you can achieve something you want. It is a positive attitude that can bring you many benefits on its own. So, if you’re a person who usually has little hope, maybe it’s time to do something to increase it.

What comprises hope?

Hope is made up of several components. If you know them and keep them in mind, you’ll be able to work on them to increase your hope level when you see they’re missing.

  • The goal: First are the goals people set. If you have no hope, you’ll think it’s not worth trying anything, and you won’t set any goals, so you won’t even try.
  • The routes: Secondly, people devise ways to achieve their goals. That is the ”routes” that lead you to your goals.

People with high levels of hope are not only better able to devise such routes but are also better able to formulate alternative routes when initials fail. Instead, lack of hope makes you less able to think about ways to reach your goals and increase the likelihood that you’ll abandon them at the slightest obstacle.

But the truth is that sometimes achieving our goals becomes a real challenge, and only the most persevering succeed. Hope helps you persevere in the face of obstacles because you hope to reach your goal one way or another. You think that in the end, you will achieve it, that it only takes more effort, you have faith and confidence. This, by itself, will greatly increase your chance of success.


Why being hopeful is good?

  • Better results: People who have hope often get better results in everything they do. Hope pushes us to act, helps us make decisions, and keeps us motivated.
  • More positive emotions: Hope is accompanied by positive emotions, such as enthusiasm, happiness, and trust, and makes us kinder and friendlier to others. On the other hand, the lack of hope relates to negative emotions and a lower chance of achieving your goals.
  • Better lives: People with more hope feel less stress in the face of obstacles are more able to overcome them and set more goals. This makes their lives richer and more complete. Lack of hope impoverishes people’s lives because they try to accomplish fewer things and fewer experiences, leading to empty lives.

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