Child Endangerment | Uncovering Child Abuse

Child Endangerment | Uncovering Child Abuse

Here’s a quick narrative from the internet about child endangerment–

*Trigger warning: Child abuse*

Child abuse

“I was one of the so many children who were sexually abused in childhood by my father. I wasn’t the first or the last. Before he abused me, he had abused children and teenagers, both in his family of origin and in my mother’s.

My memories of being abused by him come from the time I was still going to kindergarten. My father abused me daily, and his torture lasted throughout my childhood and adolescence, when I began to dodge him and protest his attacks.

As it is common for abusers of this type, my father was blackmailing me emotionally, he asked me to keep it a secret, as proof of my love for him, because, otherwise he claimed he would be arrested. He said people wouldn’t understand his love for me.

Like every child, I believed my father was right. Because of the secret we kept, I was made to have a very distorted perception of reality during my childhood. I could never be close to my mother or be friends with her.

Without the interference of my family, I was able to strengthen myself, despite having carried for many years the feeling of guilt that if one day I were to make public a complaint against my father, I would destroy my family.

My low-self esteem and my difficulties in relationships culminated in a severe depression at the age of 26 when my boyfriend abandoned me. He, despite being a doctor, said I could not live with depression states. I wanted to die! After a long period of hospitalisation, psychotherapy, and antidepression, I have the will to live.”

The above is a story found on the internet, of a lady who suffered child endangerment when she was young.

Child endangerment refers to an act that renders a child to psychological, emotional, and physical abuse. It can also be said to be a form of child abuse that occurs when a caregiver (parent or guardian) allows a child to be in an unhealthy or dangerous situation. It covers acts involving carelessness capable of causing death or serious injury to a child, by an adult.

Child endangerment that results in mental illness or severe physical illness is called Felony. At the same time, Misdemeanor is a lesser criminal act compared to a felony, and it is generally punished less severely. How does child endangerment affect a child’s life? Well, it affects a child’s life in the sense any violence can, while leaving the person to die or alive to suffer from abandonment, lovelessness, or betrayer.

A young girl child was sometimes beaten by her teacher with a hosepipe, and this led to the damage of a nerve in her right hand, leaving her unable to use her preferred hand and she had to relearn to write with her left hand. Can we call this child endangerment? If you would agree with me, it’s a yes.

As obtained from LEGAL MATCH, other forms of child endangerment besides the ones we have mentioned may include:

  • Leaving a child in a hot car
  • Leaving a child unsupervised in an unsafe area such as a construction site
  • Leaving a child home alone without proper adult supervision
  • Committing a crime while a child is with you, such as domestic abuse or robbery
  • Having unsecured firearms in the same environment as a child
  • Having a child in a car while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Are you guilty of any of these? You are probably thinking of the consequences of this act now. Child endangerment can lead to physical problems like Permanent injuries, broken bones, bruises, and cuts, or death in a worse situation.

You will agree with me that victims of child endangerment are mostly hurt inside, and they could experience the following:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Lack of freedom
  • Mental health disorder
  • Distrust of parents and relatives
  • Long-lasting guilt and fear
  • Having difficulty getting over it

It’s also worthy of note that a child who suffered child endangerment is likely to suffer from low educational attainment and drug and or dependency.

The question remains – How to not let any child fall prey to this heinous act?

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