Money and Privilege | The truth about Money and Privilege

Money and Privilege | The truth about Money and Privilege

For most of us, money means stress, and privilege further reminds us of how partial life is…

Because we do a job that we hate for money, or because we need three jobs for all the greedy coffers.

Male, white, heterosexual, well-earned parents: privileges are placed in the cradle. How can you sharpen your view of privileges?

Rafael Schmauch was born in West Germany; his parents are academics; he is white, physically healthy and heterosexual. “It’s like I have about all the privileges in me that you can only have in this historic situation,” he says.

Anything to take for granted? Or an expression of privileges that enable certain people to live a life that is actually for all people? He has agreed to reflect with us on his privileges:

“And I’ve obviously been put into this world without having done much for it with pretty good starting conditions. Because the privileges I have are bestowed on me because of innate characteristics. My skin colour and my gender and so on.”

Keynote: Today, more than anything, privilege can be very hard to admit, but you must understand your own privilege and give a chance to the less privileged. You’re privileged in one way or another.

The truth about money and privilege?

Money rules the world, and it rules our lives, we mean.

The truth is that money is not a dictator. We elected it as a ruler. And we can also step off the throne.

You can touch it in the form of notes or coins, you earn it and give it out. That’s it, isn’t it? No, that is not even half the truth!


Here are five truths about money!

  • Money is a tool. The rest is projection.

People invented money so that they didn’t just get the farmer’s milk when they happened to have what the farmer needed (a cooking spoon, a crossword puzzle, a few shoes …).

Everything else is projections. Stories we’ve learned. Conclusions that we have made ourselves: that money means recognition, or makes us valuable, or lonely, or cruel.

Money is a tool. And just as one can build a home with a hammer or kill someone, so it is neither good nor evil in itself, neither holy nor the root of all evil.

  • Money does not make you happy and not rich.

There are numerous studies on this, and they all say the same thing: the happiness curve decreases with increasing income, more money does not make you happier at all.

What makes you happy – and wealthy – are entirely different things, and they cost nothing: An evening on the shore with a picnic. A deep conversation, a kiss, a look. Homeland, hobbies, serving people, friendship, love. Time for yourself, a good book. Sun on the skin, air, wandering in the forest, silence, peace of mind.

Those who do not have these things in their lives cannot call themselves rich. Or as Onassis said: a rich person is often just a poor person with a lot of money.

  • Real security is never found in money.

Money cannot give us real security, no real self-confidence and real peace.

We can only work out the true security inside by learning to deal with ourselves, our thoughts and feelings and with the fact that most of life, no: everything, is transient.

  • Money becomes most important when we have too little.

Accept it or not, things become essential when they are not available to us in abundance. And so is the case with money!

  • Money is energy exchange – you can earn it.

We need money to live, and it is important that we are paid for our services and thus strike a balance. Especially when we do something with passion, the world is least helped when we have to go bust and bury our dreams and our potential. And many we help are grateful to be able to give something back.

What do you think about money and privilege?


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