Conscious Living | How to revive your life?

Conscious Living | How to revive your life?

Conscious living separates ‘living’ from breathing. For many of us, the idea of being alive is somewhat distorted. We’d rather interface being alive to ‘existing’ than to ‘existing for a purpose.’ Unfortunately, that’s not the right approach.

Consider the following situations :

Number one – The first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning is check your cell phone for notifications, particularly those from your social media accounts. You keep scrolling mindlessly until you find nothing worthwhile. Keeping the phone aside, you get up, notice what’s going around you, and again make yourself comfortable on the couch. Flipping through the newspaper pages, you stop at the Entertainment section and start going through the gossipy news.

It’s all practically automatic, isn’t it?

Number two – You wake up in the morning. The first thing you do is drink a glass of water before you leave your bed – because, first things first. From that point onward, you stretch your body, go out and bask in the sun. You also try to squeeze in 10 minutes of meditation in your early morning routine. Thereafter, you pick up the newspaper and land up to the Editorial Section and do some productive reading.

The things that I just mentioned in the second situation don’t happen automatically; rather, you consciously decide to carry out all these tasks because they are for your betterment.

Now, which of the two categories do you fall into? Do you carry out your day-to-day tasks consciously, or is your mind always switched into “Auto-pilot” mode?

If you fall into the second category, you practice Conscious living. If you fall into the first, there’s an urgent need to alter the way you lead your life.

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What is Conscious Living?

Conscious living is about taking the time to contemplate every word you utter and every task you perform. It is about acting with a plan or purpose rather than merely acting for the sake of it. It is tied up in thinking and re-thinking all your life’s choices before you make them.

At the point when I say “Existing for a purpose,” I suggest taking each step or performing even the smallest task with a purpose in mind that you could conceivably solve When we examine the smallest of our actions and act accordingly, we are acting with intention.

Oftentimes, I lose my footing on various facets of my life. Take, for instance, my relationships with people around me, or say, nature. Being much absorbed in my own life, I tend to forget that there are some lives that I co-exist with and that I need to be as much engaged with those lives as I am engaged with myself. To regain that lost consideration, I sit down and ponder where my attention actually goes versus where it ought to rather go. This gives me a clear picture of various things that I need to change in my life. When I get a comprehension of these things, I can pick up the pieces once again. I’d be more than happy to share a portion of these with you with the help of some quick pointers.

Here’s how to practice conscious living:

  1. Getting rid of distractions: Discard actions that don’t bring any good, from our daily schedule. This incorporates mindless scrolling, lazying around here and there, unproductive thinking patterns, etc. Read more on :
  2. Reviewing relationships: Practicing forgiveness and appreciation are the two essential things to get your relationships in the groove again!
  3. Study the impact of your actions: Whatever you do in life, it is always prudent to study its effect on the outside world. This mainly centers around on your civic sense and responsibilities.
  4. Being closer to nature: Plant more trees and care for them. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing them grow beautifully. In a way, with every tree your plant, or with every green you grow in your vicinity, you add a great deal to tackling the climate crisis.
  5. Mind your expenses: People buy things they don’t need…Remember, some people work their socks off for the food that they could buy with that much sum.
  6. Eating Healthy: Do not ignore the basic nutritional principles before planning to consume something!
  7. De-clutter: Declutter your mind. Declutter your workspace. Clean up your life.
  8. Love yourself: Do you want to discover little ways to love yourself? Read :

Conscious living is not just about the bigger goals of life. It is the littlest of actions that you need to take care of.

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