Patriarchy is not passé. It exists in our everyday life!

Patriarchy is not passé. It exists in our everyday life!

Patriarchy, or men-centric society is a social framework wherein men hold primary power, predominate in the roles of political leadership, moral authority, special privilege, and control of property. It is a framework of specific thoughts that are incredibly versatile and adaptable. These days, patriarchy has become a leading light among other social issues in the world.

Some people believe that patriarchy is archaic. Let me tell you – It still EXISTS. Most of us fail to see it or even shy away from talking about it. Maybe that is the reason it still prevails in our society. It is specifically terrible for the lesser privileged, so much so that if you see life from their perspective, you cannot even begin to imagine how awful the agony of living an ordinary life can be.

Recent occasions in the world have seen positive shifts in the mentalities of both men and women; however, it still lives on in the smallest of things. I tried to figure out numerous ways patriarchy shows up in our daily life. I saw that it is present in the way we address ourselves and the language we use, for example, statements such “men will be men”, or, “don’t act like a girl”. I started to notice that the limitations of going out depend on the reason that “going out” implies compromising. Therefore, the house is a place of refuge; it is likewise the grade school for male-controlled society. Lady drivers are seen as the reason behind trafficky roads. Also, ladies at corporate meeting rooms need to inconspicuously, quickly, answer back when people presume their lack of business insights.

A significant part of the victimisation emerges from India’s dowry system, where the lady’s family gives the husband to be’s family cash and additional gifts. This settlement was made illicit in India in 1961; anyway, the law is practically challenging to uphold. The Indian constitution awards ladies equivalent rights to men, however, stable man-centric conventions continue in various cultural parts where girls are often viewed as a liability and moulded to accept that they are substandard and subordinate to men.

There has always been a question of how culture has shaped society, whether on the basis of community separation or social institutions like that of family, caste, creed, class, gender, and race. Young women still think that their only purpose in life is to serve a man and that creates a perfect environment to nurture patriarchy.

Did you realise that 76 per cent of the population will, in general, consider men being more qualified for professions and ladies as more suitable to be homemakers?

Being a woman in this world implies having been looted of the potential for human decision by men who get pleasure by abhorring us. When will they decide not to disdain us? Seriously, there is a lot to be picked up if ladies free themselves of inclinations that are straightforwardly blocking their own professional ventures.

smash patriarchy

While a lot of us have been challenging the system for ages, it will presumably take a lot more time before it very well may be dispensed with. Be that as it may, there are numerous ways we can stand up against this arrangement. What steps are we taking to push back on this male-controlled society? What are we doing to smash the patriarchy?



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