Covid-19 Pandemic | How to stay positive?

Covid-19 Pandemic | How to stay positive?

The Covid-19 Pandemic situation is horrifying, to say the least. Lots of people have lost and continue to lose their jobs. Several people are encountering huge losses in their businesses. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of negative news floating around. It’s been difficult to stay positive during the prevailing situation.

Remember, we have limited control over the situation. So, we have two choices:

1. To live with pressure/stress/tension in our minds over things that we can’t control. This will inevitably put us in a worse situation and will decrease our creativity and productivity.

2. Alternatively, one can calm down and attempt to utilize the time to the fullest. We don’t have much control over the current situation as it is, therefore, having tension and anxiety is futile.

Here are some tips to help you stay positive:

Daily Exercise and Yoga: Exercising and yoga help in improving your mood. It will conquer feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. One of the best exercises is Surya Namaskara.

Stay away from Daily Case Count Tracker: Just like a scorecard for a game, every time we watch Covid-19 cases or death counts, it creates more anxiety. It’s imperative not to watch those counts. It will create needless fear in your mind.

Stay away from news Channels: These days news channels show nothing but Covid-19 pandemic-related news. They portray the situation as one whereby virus will spare no one! Constantly watching the news will leave you depressed and panicky. You will become negative about the future. It is important to watch the news once a day or for a few minutes but not continually. 

Read Books: Books are a morale booster for everyone going through unfortunate times. During your spare time, you should read some motivational books.

Express your Thoughts / Clean up your mind: A major factor behind mental health issues is that people don’t express their ideas, thoughts, or anger against a situation, or regarding certain people. 

Ideas and thoughts, if not expressed, will start creating toxicity in your mind, and this may lead to depression/anxiety.

There are multiple ways you can express your thoughts: 

1) You can try journaling

2) Call your family members or friends and express your thoughts to them.

This is an assured way to leave you feeling relaxed.

3) Write a blog.

Almost 90% of mental health issues will be resolved as soon as you begin expressing whatever is bothering you emotionally. Applying any of the forms mentioned above will grant you much-needed relief.

Keep your mind Strong:  If you are taking proper precautions, don’t fret about Covid-19. I have noticed that many people who are overly afraid of this virus and are weak-minded, will have a much higher probability of getting infected.

If you are infected or affected by Covid-19, it is crucial to keep your mind very strong. Please remember that being infected with Covid-19 is not the end of life.

If you have a strong mind, you can defeat any disease known to man, no matter how deadly it is. There are thousands of similar examples.

This too shall pass: Also, it’s imperative to keep in mind that all dire situations come to an end eventually. None of these last forever. It’s the same as a wind storm; it will fade away as time passes. What you can do to be in control is to stay calm, stay strong, and wait for the storm to pass away.

Let’s be strong, positive, and creative in this Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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