Emotional Intelligence | 5 days Happiness Challenge

Emotional Intelligence | 5 days Happiness Challenge

Create your happiness in 5 days using 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence.

Did you know that your happiness is tied to your Emotional Intelligence?
Often, this idea that happiness in life is only a few “accomplishments” away drives us into an obsession with personal achievement. We become so fixated on attaining the next goal, that it becomes our life’s focus.
If you base your definition of success or happiness on external factors like money and influence, for example, then you’ll never have enough. Instead, when it comes to making yourself happy, you need to learn what works for you.
The practice of knowing and understanding what makes you tick is called emotional intelligence (EQ).
So, are you ready to boost your Emotional Intelligence?
For five days, practice one technique a day to help boost your EQ. These steps are based on the curriculum I’ve learned over time studying Emotional and Social Intelligence!
PS: You can go beyond five days. See what sticks and continue to practice it to build your EQ muscles.

Your Rewards:
-The ‘Happiness Expert’ badge
-A Certificate of Completion
-A 50% discount code for the copy of our e-book- ‘Happiness Kit: Unlocking the power of Emotional Intelligence’

Difficulty: Beginner


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