Animal Killing | There is no such thing as Humane Slaughter

Animal Killing | There is no such thing as Humane Slaughter

animal killing

Is killing ever justified? No, it is morally wrong; nothing in the world can ever justify killing — be it any kind. However, the world we live in is not as kind as we think it is. Animal killing is one such example of an unkind, barbaric act that has been continuing since times immemorial. A very day-to-day example is the slaughter of farm animals. Every day, cattle, sheep, and pigs are being slaughtered through a very common animal slaughter process that constitutes Stunning and Sticking — for food and animal fibre. Mere imagining such gruesome, blood-chilling act makes me want to throw up! Why would a person want to deprive someone of future life, even if its an animal? Why can’t we be kind to animals?

I don’t think I have the heart to watch any of the animal-killing videos/movies that contain animal abuse uploaded here:

These are for you to watch and decide!

For those who ask, “Is animal killing illegal?” — India’s first national animal welfare law, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960), criminalizes cruelty to animals, though exceptions are made for the treatment of animals used for food and scientific experiments. However, despite court orders, illegal slaughtering and sale of meat continue in various parts of the world.

Well, theoretically, there may be explanations to justify animal killing. According to Peter Singer a professor of bioethics at Princeton University and the author of Animal Liberation, a cow would not have existed if we had not already planned in advance that at some point we would kill it and we would sell the meat because obviously, it costs something to rear a cow, and we can only meet that cost if we are going to kill it. So in a sense, the cow could thank us for her existence – at least she has some existence rather than none. But no, that’s just not fair. Put it forward to animal lovers and you would know. The fact that animals are considered as ‘inferior’ beings does not give us – the so-called ‘superior’ beings, to justify our merciless acts through such theories. These won’t reduce our guilt. What ‘apparently’ reduces our guilt is choosing a more ‘humane’ way to kill animals. But does it work that way, really?

Humane Slaughter/Killing

The RSPCA definition of humane killing is: ‘when an animal is either killed instantly or rendered insensible until death ensues, without pain, suffering or distress’.

“Humane Slaughter” – isn’t it an oxymoron? How can slaughter be humane? Animals enjoy their lives and slaughtering them would only mean snatching away their enjoyment, and taking something away from them. No matter how painless a slaughter may be, it will still be a slaughter. A good, graceful and swift death is still a death, right? I don’t believe there is any such thing as ‘humane slaughter. Do you?

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